Moving water is always a fascinating sight. There are many possibilities to embellish your garden or pond with water games? Whatever your style, classic or contemporary, AQUASPHERE team will accompany you in your beautification project. Illuminated water jets, gushing out of the ground or out of the water, radiant fountains, these water features are increasingly easy to install and transform your garden into a stage for a show in no time at all.




Do you want to turn your garden into an open-air performance space? Opt for the nozzle system that will allow you to create original and spectacular water jets!

Colourful water arches, 5-jet fountain, illuminated floating water games, there are many nozzle devices to amuse you with water. You can even vary the height of the jets from a remote control.

A leader in creating fascinating water effects in private installations, Oase offers innovations that will make your pond the jewel of your garden. Thanks to this know-how, you can combine water games, light and even music. Come and discover all these creations with your AQUASPHERE experts.