Freshwater is a precious resource that is constantly being depleted due to increasing consumption and pollution. Its price, however, continues to rise. There is one way to save on your water bill: use the water under your feet. Everyone can use the water from existing springs on their property to supply their entire home. Drilling is one of the ways to get very deep water. Thanks to the use of pumps, it is possible to draw water directly from underground rivers or from the water table.




Controller is an essential part of a drilling rig’s operation. Indeed, this electrical box ensures the protection of the drilling pump motor.

Whether it works with or without probes, it protects your pump against lack of water in the tank and also allows you to detect a faulty tank (leak for example).

The management box ensures that the pump is switched off if the water level in your borehole is too low, thus protecting the pump from running dry. A pump that runs “in a vacuum”, i.e. without water, can be damaged significantly.

Depending on the type of drilling, the dry running protection will be done without a probe (motor undercurrent), with the help of one or more probes (pump earth) or with a flussostat (flow sensor).

Our selection: The Vigilec cabinet model, is the perfect solution for wells and boreholes, from 9 to 45kW.