To enjoy the spectacle of your animated ponds until late at night, all you have to do is arrange spotlights and projectors harmoniously in the four corners of the garden or at targeted locations. This way you can illuminate the aquatic world while at the same time setting off trees and bushes.




Modern LED technology, thanks to its small dimensions, offers design and installation possibilities on the terrace, in paths, in and around the water, with high energy efficiency .
At Oase, the LunAqua 3 LED floodlight can be installed above or below water. Its half angle of 30° dispersion allows for an admirable display of bushes and reeds.

OASE’s fully flexible InScenio power management allows up to four units to be connected simultaneously. Thanks to the use of a remote control, it is simple and effective even at a distance of 80 metres.

If you prefer nature and want to avoid using electrical outlets, you can opt for the solar range. A module converts solar energy into directly usable electrical current. Even if the sky is cloudy, the water jet pump and lighting are supplied with electricity.