In order to keep your pool always spotless and ready for use, it needs to be cleaned. Thanks to our selection of robots, vacuum cleaners and accessories, there is no need to call in a professional. You will be able to carry out the maintenance of your pool yourself without any special skills. Our experts will bring you a wide choice of equipment so that cleaning no longer rhymes with chore!




  • On a daily basis, the net helps to rid the water surface of all floating impurities and debris such as leaves or insects.
  • For cleaning the pool and walls, you can choose between a vacuum broom or a cleaning robot. At AQUASPHERE, you will find high-performance vacuum cleaners such as Fairlocks and bendervac.
    Whatever the shape and size of the pool, they access every nook and cranny, climb the walls and clean the water line.

Come and discover high-performance models such as the Dolphin M600 from Maytronics (photo on the left). Recently designed, it offers cleaning performance, practical handling and simple operation that requires no intervention on your part. With real-time connectivity, you can be in control anytime, anywhere.

At Zodiac, the RV 5600 is a real jewel of technology (photo on the right). Its strong point, an ultra powerful and constant cyclonic suction. Its 4-wheel drive gives it a perfect grip on the walls of your pool, adapts to any surface and overcomes obstacles more easily.