Garden pond ecosystem is often altered by too many fish, rain, sun or dead leaves. To ensure water quality and the good health of your pond, the use of treatment products is essential.




Is the water in your pond murky and greenish? If you are looking for a product that can guarantee the health of your garden pond by stabilising the water and stopping algae growth, Oase’s AquaActiv concept will meet all your needs. With this range of maintenance products, you will help your pond to defend itself.

For an efficient control of the water parameters, you can use the water analysis products that allow you to quickly determine the water values.

Once the check has been carried out, it is time for treatment. Classified in three phases (A, B, C), the AquaActiv products allow for some to improve water quality (stage A), for others to bind nutrients to limit algae growth (stage B) or to control algae. New in the range: category D – disinfection. Products in this category are used to sterilise the water and thus kill microorganisms and algae that are stagnant on the surface of the pond.