The secret of a lush garden and always impeccable flower beds? Regular and controlled watering and products adapted to the configuration of the premises. To avoid seeing your beautiful plants die because of summer drought, AQUASPHERE offers you a selection of automatic watering systems, equipment and products to maintain your green spaces.

In addition to providing your plants with the water they need and keeping your lawn always green, an automatic watering system also allows you to save water. In fact, the addition of an automatic timer can generate water savings of nearly 25% compared to manual watering.


Rain bird


When you have a garden, watering can quickly become a real chore. Yet it is the key to keeping your green spaces looking beautiful.
To make your life easier, there is a solution: the automatic timer. This small box automates the watering of your garden. It controls the opening and closing of the solenoid valves that activate and stop the watering system.

Thanks to the timer, you choose the day, the frequency of watering (every two days, every week…) and the duration of watering (from 1 minute to 2 hours). And this, even while you are away. The addition of such a device can generate water savings of nearly 25% compared to manual watering. Since technology has no limits, Rain Bird even offers a Wifi module (Wifi LNK model) that allows you to connect remotely to a watering scheduler.